Just before this site went down temporarily, I posted a teaser regarding the cover for my forthcoming book, Psychological Foundations of Marketing (November, 2012, Routledge/Taylor & Francis).  This was more a commentary on the sorry state of creative decision making among academic publishers than any backhanded attempt to sell books - regarding the latter, I'm not that delusional.  Without further adieu, the final choice brought us to the following cover, which both myself and my publisher are satisfied with.  The cover photo is one of my own, taken as I wandered around the famous department stores off Boulevard Haussmann following a night at the Paris opera.


I think this cover does a good job of 'reflecting' - in more ways than one - the heart of what the book is about, which is largely an effort at getting inside the heads of consumers, for better (I hope) or worse (I hope not) marketing efforts.  Here's the runner up, another one of my photos in my decades long 'windows series' - again, taken while window shopping in Paris.


Let me know what you think.